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  • The New York Times

    Sandeep Jauhar became a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times in March 2015.

  • The Los Angeles Times

    A patient's tragic tale didn't add up... The young woman came looking for treatment. But she refused to own up to her real problem.

  • Slate

    On my first evening as a night-float intern at Memorial, the world-famous cancer hospital in Manhattan, an intern...

  • NPR

    It was 3 o'clock in the morning, and Mrs. Williams needed a CAT scan. I rolled her stretcher into the radiology department, where a burly technician and I...

  • The Wall Street Journal

    American physicians are increasingly unhappy with their once-vaunted profession, and that malaise is bad for their patients....

  • New England Journal of Medicine

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  • Time Magazine

    As doctors, we are expected to prolong human life, and we do—but often regardless of the costs...

  • New York Times Magazine

    Medicine, health, aging and ethics...

  • Pacific Standard

    The decline of the physical exam in modern medicine...

The New York Times

“My Father Didn’t Want to Live if He Had Dementia. But Then He Had It.” Oct. 23, 2023.
“Opinion | When My Father Got Alzheimer’s, I Had to Learn to Lie to Him” April 7, 2023.
“Opinion | How Would You Feel About a 100-Year-Old Doctor?” Nov. 28, 2022.
“Review | Facing Death During the Pandemic,” June 19, 2022.
“Opinion | You Know What Would Help Exhausted Doctors and Nurses? More Money,” Jan. 8, 2022.
“Turning to Books to Grasp the Most Ungraspable Disease,” June 17, 2021.
“Meet the Pandemic’s Newest Doctors, Who Quickly Became Pros,” June 8, 2021.
“People Have Stopped Going to the Doctor. Most Seem Just Fine,” June 22, 2020.
“In a Pandemic, Do Doctors Still Have a Duty to Treat?,” April 2, 2020.
“Physician, Regulate Yourself,” Sept. 11, 2019.
“Can Doctors Refuse to Treat a Patient?,” May 13, 2019.
“What is Death?,” Feb. 16, 2019.
“When Family Members Care for Aging Parents,” Sept. 19, 2018.
“Why Your Cardiologist Should Ask About Your Love Life,” Sept. 14, 2018.
“How Do You Want to Die?,” July 28, 2018.
“A Doctor Argues That Her Profession Needs to Slow Down, Stat,” January 26, 2018.
“Happy Anniversary, Heart Transplant,” November 30, 2017.
“Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care?,” October 10, 2017.
“Why It’s O.K. for Doctors to Participate in Executions,” April 21, 2017.
“When Blood Pressure Is Political,” August 7, 2016.
“Empathy Gadgets,” July 29, 2017.
“Bring Back the Autopsy,” March 3, 2016.
“EKG Screening for College Athletes,” January 26, 2016.
“Sunday Book Review: The Death of Cancer by Vincent T. DeVita Jr. and Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn,” December 11, 2015.
“The Heart Disease Conundrum,” November 19, 2015.
“Protect Doctor-Patient Confidentiality,” November 19, 2015.
“Bring Back House Calls,” October 15, 2015.
“Giving Doctors Grades,” July 22, 2015.
“The Real Problem With Medical Internships,” July 1, 2015.
“It’s Not Just About ‘Quality of Life,” May 2, 2015.
“‘The Patient Will See You Now,’ by Eric Topol,” February 13, 2015.
“Don’t Homogenize Health Care,” December 11, 2014.
“That Medical Test Costs $50, or Is It $500?” November 20, 2014.
“Practicing on Patients,” August 14, 2014.
“Busy Doctors, Wasteful Spending,” July 20, 2014.
“Nurses Are Not Doctors” April 30, 2014.
“The Diminishing Returns of Modern Medicine” March 20, 2014.
“When Doctors Need To Lie” February 22, 2014.
“The Lies That Doctors and Patients Tell” February 20, 2014.
Room for Debate: Are Doctors Too Quick to Cut? “The Do-Something Mentality” February 9, 2011.
“Out of Camelot, Knights in White Coats Lose Way” January 31, 2011.
“No Matter What, We Pay for Others’ Bad Habits” March 29, 2010.
“One Thing After Another” January 22, 2010.
“To Curb Repeat Hospital Stays, Pay Doctors” November 30, 2009.
“A Doctor by Choice, a Businessman by Necessity” July 6, 2009.
“Referral System Turns Patients Into Commodities” May 25, 2009.
“Physicians’ Tales” April 17, 2009.
“The Instincts to Trust Are Usually the Patient’s” January 5, 2009.
“In a Eulogy, Finding a Person, Not a Patient” October 27, 2008.
“The Pitfalls of Linking Doctors’ Pay to Performance” September 8, 2008.
“Eyes Bloodshot, Doctors Vent Their Discontent” June 17, 2008.
“Many Doctors, Many Tests, No Rhyme or Reason” March 11, 2008.
“Explain a Medical Error? Sure. Apologize Too?” January 1, 2008.
“Between Comfort and Care, a Blurry Line,” September 18, 2007.
“Break a Confidence? Never. Well, Hardly Ever,” May 29, 2007.
“A Patient’s Demands Versus a Doctor’s Convictions,” April 3, 2007.
“He Wasn’t Thinking Straight. So How Do You Get Through?” July 11, 2006.
“Magical Medicine on TV,” July 19, 2005.
“A Doctor Brings His Family to the Delivery Room,” March 15, 2005.
“On a Matter of Life or Death, a Patient Is Overruled,” October 5, 2004.
“Out of the Blue, a Lightning Bolt to the Heart,” February 10, 2004.
“That Ounce Of Prevention Grew Too Big,” December 2, 2003.
“The Mystery Of Fever, Unsolved,” August 26, 2003.
“A Malady That Mimics Depression,” July 15, 2003.
“Questions The Doctor Never Asked,” June 17, 2003.
“Buying Time: Doctors Debate the Ethics of Care and Cost,” May 6, 2003.
“The Right to Make a Bad Decision,” March 4, 2003.
“Trial by Fire, And by Fear, In the I.C.U.,” February 4, 2003.
“Post-Mortem Of a Death So Puzzling,” January 14, 2003.
“Playing Ambulance Roulette,” December 3, 2002.
“The Mystery of Syndrome X,” September 23, 2002.
“Beyond the Script: What Happens When the Heroine Faints,” July 9, 2002.
“Advice Rejoins Consent,” July 2, 2002.
“Calling In the Pain Team, Specialists in Suffering,” June 23, 2002.
“Learning to Cope When Hospital Patients Turn Violent,” March 12, 2002.
“Restoring The Physical To the Exam,” January 29, 2002.<
“Comedy, Tragedy And Coping,” January 15, 2002.
“They Had Everything They Needed, Except Survivors to Treat,” September 18, 2001.
“Life and Death Stakes in the Numbers Game,” September 11, 2001.
“Hidden in the World of Medicine, Discrimination and Stereotypes,” June 19, 2001.
“As Technology Improves, More People Breathe With Machines,” April 24, 2001.
“Finding Cancer Drugs in the Most Unlikely Places,” April 10, 2001.
“Journeys From Death To Life,” December 12, 2000.
“Residents Discover A Handy Helpmate,” October 25, 2000.
“Saving the Heart Can Sometimes Mean Losing the Memory,” September 19, 2000.
“More Fans For Drugs That Fight Cholesterol,” September 5, 2000.
“Teaching Hospitals Too Busy for Curiosity,” September 5, 2000.
“From a Pea-Size Lump, Years of Uncertainty,” August 8, 2000.
“A Remedy Not Worth The Pain,” July 11, 2000.
“First Battle Of Cancer: Deep Denial,” June 13, 2000.
“Even Doctor-Patient Relationships Can Be Dysfunctional,” April 25, 2000.
“Medical Residents, Yes, but Workers, Too,” April 18, 2000.
“When Decisions Can Mean Life or Death,” January 4, 2000.
“Doctors’ Unsolved Mysteries: When Fevers Have No Known Cause,” November 30, 1999.
“For Immigrant Drivers, More Than the Taxicab Gets Shaken and Strained,” October 20, 1999.
“Taking Care of Nurses, Before It’s Too Late,” October 5, 1999.
“First, Do No Harm: When Patients Suffer,” August 10, 1999.
“When the Truth Is as Elusive as the Cure,” June 29, 1999.
“Doctor Marries Doctor: Good Medicine,” March 23, 1999.
“When Rules for Better Care Exact Their Own Cost,” January 5, 1999.
“When a Stay in Intensive Care Unhinges the Mind,” December 8, 1998.
“Both Home and Prison, Leprosy Site May Shut,” June 23, 1998.

The New York Times Magazine

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“When Doctors Slam the Door,” March 16, 2003.

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The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post
The New England Journal of Medicine
The Los Angeles Times
Pacific Standard
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